Cap's PM Info

aliens and archery are kind of my thing



"must have" requirements1. server must have a partnership counting bot (perferably Luminous nova)
2. server must have an elevated role for pms
3. a rep from the server must join my portal no matter what plan you decide to choose (no exceptions! if the rep leaves, then i leave. this is none negotiable)
Preferences- I do not pm for e-girl/nsfw servers (if it is sfw with locked nsfw then that is fine)
- I don't normally like to pm for anime or advertising servers but i make exceptions occassionally.
- I prefer to work for these types of servers : rp, fandom, decor, mental health, community, services, & homework help servers!
other notes-i don't have room to join staff servers so don't bother trying to hire me if you are going to try to have me join your staff server!please take a look at my plans as well and then feel free to open a ticket in my portal server (link on home page of carrd) to hire me!


fletching plan - free plan- must have 1,000+ members
- will find as many prtnrs as possible as long as rep remains in portal
nock plan - shoutout plan- shoutout my pm portal with @verified role in a designated shoutout channel
- must have at least 1k members
- will find 1k prtnrs
- can be renewed
arrow head plan- shoutout my pm portal with @everyone role in a designated shoutout channel
- must have 5k members
- will find 5k prtners
- can be renewed

arrow plans notes- for all of my free plans I will find you as many partners as possible as long as your rep stays in my portal- all my "paid" plans (shoutout & booster plans) require a review after I have completed them

bow (booster) plansrecurve bow plan- give my portal server 1 boost
- will find 2k+ partners
compound bow plan
- give my portal server 2 boosts
- will find 5k+ partners
crossbow plan
- any additional boosts after the second boost will get you an additional 1k partners!

bow plan notes- for booster plans please make sure that your server that you want to hire me in has at least 500+ members
- please remember that a rep is still required to stay in my portal for booster plans as well!
-i don't put time limits on my paid plans unless they are a special deal plan so please don't rush me!


favorite color
violet or viridian
favorite drink
sprite or coffee
favorite pastimes
playing soccer
chatting/pming on discord
binging my fav tv shows

discord thingsother servers i own/work inslytherin is here
a community/rp/events server that is harry potter/fandom based!
aliens hiring hub
a server that I use to hire other pms for other servers!
Meridian of misery
My second pm portal that is How to train your dragon themed!